Nombre:Agricultural Production
Oferta:1 becas disponibles.
Oferente:Agencia de Cooperación Internacional de Corea (KOICA)
To secure a pool of future agricultural experts with professionalism and competence who are needed for food production and improving agricultural technology improvement. To contribute to the development of human resources who can contribute positively and effectively to the improvement in agricultural technologies in the developing countries. To educate the future leaders in governments, businesses and civic organizations who can effectively deal with challenges of the global world. To offer professional services to the public and private sectors so that the democratic processes and market mechanism can be established.To share the Korean experience and knowledge with many other developing countries so that they can enhance their ability to further their expertise in the areas of economic development and the quality of life.
Recepción de solicitudes:del jue 31-ene-2019 al vie 15-mar-2019
Fechas del curso:del mié 21-ago-2019 al dom 21-feb-2021
Dirigido a:
Be Guatemalan
To be a university graduate and against the title that accredits it as such
Work for a Central Government or Decentralized Institution
Have good command of the English language, backed by an international language certificate Preferably, although not essential, have a valid US visa
Important Notes for All Applicants:
All forms should be typed in English and all the supporting documents should be in English. Documents in any other language should be accompanied by a notarized English translation.
Original documents should be submitted. (If it is unavailable, the originating institution must authorize copies before they are submitted.) If any of the submitted materials contain false information, admission will be rescinded. Applicants whose forms and supporting documents are incomplete or unsatisfactory will be disqualified from the admission process. Applicants should take full responsibility for any disadvantage due to the mistakes or omissions
on the application

In accordance to the university regulations, the diploma will be issued in February 2021. During 16 months in KNU, students are strongly recommended to complete their thesis.

Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)
Program Manager: Ms. SuJung Lee (ODA Education Center)

Graduate School of Kyungpook National University
Training Manager: Ms. Gippeum Yoon
Información cualitativa
País en que se desarrollará el curso:República de Corea (Corea del Sur)
Sede:Kyungpook National University
Duración:15 meses
Naturaleza participativa:Curso presencial
Metodología de trabajo:Maestría
Nivel de especialización:Maestría
Temas:Ciencias agropecuarias, Ciencias agropecuarias-Ingeniería y afines
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Expedientes:Cada postulante deberá presentar 5 expedientes (un original y el resto copias).
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Informacion de la Convocatoria
Código: PP-2019-KOR-001
Oferente: Agencia de Cooperación Internacional de Corea (KOICA)
Oferta: Agricultural Production
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