Información de la convocatoria
Nombre:Programa de Becas "Drop Tower Experiment Series (DropTES)"
Oferta:1 becas disponibles.
Oferente:Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo
The DropTES Fellowship Programme is open to research teams from entities that are located in Member States of the United Nations. Each team should consist of up to four Bachelor, Master and/or PhD students who must be endorsed by their academic supervisor.

It is further required that the proposed experiment be an integral part of the students’ syllabuses, that is, part of a Bachelor thesis, a Master thesis, a PhD thesis, or another form of research project associated with the applicants’ studies at their respective universities.

The final number of team members who will participate in the experiment series on site at the Bremen Drop Tower depends strictly on the requirements of the experiment and is subject to approval by the Selection Board of the DropTES Fellowship Programme. The Board reserves the right to change or limit the team size if considered necessary.

Changes to the composition of the team are NOT allowed once the application has been submitted. If for exceptional reasons changes are absolutely necessary, they will be subject to the approval of the Selection Board. Priority will be given to teams that have not previously participated in an experiment series at the Bremen Drop Tower and/or research projects that have never been conducted at the Bremen Drop Tower.

Each team applying must be supported by one of its academic supervisors, whose role will be to supervise the work of the students. This person must belong to the same entity as at least one of the students and will be expected to endorse the entire application and development process of the team and bear responsibility for the execution of the experiment.

Applicants must be able to show that they have their respective entities’ support through a Letter of Endorsement from their entities’ directors.
Recepción de solicitudes:del vie 18-nov-2016 al vie 31-mar-2017
Fechas del curso:del (fecha no especificada) al (fecha no especificada)
The fully completed application, properly endorsed by the applicant’s entity, should be emailed to: both in PDF format (.pdf) containing the signature page, and in MS WORD (.doc), no later than 31 March 2017.

The applicants should also send the fully completed original application form by postal mail to the following address:
Office for Outer Space Affairs
United Nations Office at Vienna
Vienna International Centre
P.O. BOX 500
A-1400 Vienna, AUSTRIA
Phone: (+43-1) 26060- 8716
Fax: (+43-1)-26060-5830

Additional Information:
The latest information on the HSTI DropTES Fellowship Programme will be made available on the website of UNOOSA at
For further information regarding the Fellowship Programme and applications, please contact

NOTA: Al ser la inscripción en línea y no llevar aval de SEGEPLAN, el interesado deberá de realizar todas las gestiones de ingreso directamente con la Fuente Cooperante.
Información cualitativa
País en que se desarrollará el curso:Alemania
Duración:Sin definir
Naturaleza participativa:Investigación
Metodología de trabajo:Investigación
Nivel de especialización:Movilidad Académica y Científica
Sector:Ciencia y tecnología
Temas:Estudios técnicos o tecnológicos, Ingeniería y afines, Investigación diferentes áreas
¿Requiere aval de Segeplan?No
Expedientes:Cada postulante deberá presentar 2 expedientes (un original y el resto copias).
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Beneficios de esta beca
# Beneficio Cobertura Observaciones
1 Beca completa Ninguna No aplica para este programa.
2 Beca parcial Parcial The selected research team will be offered financial support exclusively for travel purposes. This may include the provision of most economical economy class round-trip air tickets between the participants’ international airport of departure and Bremen. En-route expenses or any changes made to the air tickets must be the responsibility of the participants. In this context it has to be noted that UNOOSA will not bear the expenses for the preparation, transport and shipping as well as insurance of the experiment. Funding to cover these costs must be obtained separately, through private means or through national or international institutions. Applicants and their respective entities are therefore strongly encouraged to find additional sources of sponsorship. The drops or catapult launches are sponsored by DLR Space Administration. Technical Support provided by ZARM is included in those drops or catapult launches and therefore free of charge. For the stay of the research team in Bremen, ZARM will provide free of charge its on-site apartment which has two separate cabins, a bathroom and a common kitchen. The ZARM apartment can accommodate up to four people.
Requisitos generales

Documentación requerida

# Requisito Observaciones Referencia
1 Otros Para conocer los requisitos específicos que solicita la Fuente Cooperante, puede consultar los documentos adjuntos a esta convocatoria o ingresar a la página web:  

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