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Información General
Nombre corto:CHINAPOP
Pais:República Popular de China
Oferente:China Popular
Dirección web:
Cantidad de expedientes que debe presentar un solicitante:0
Información de la oferta de becas
Institución:Tongji University
Perfil del aspirante:
Objetivos del programa:
Is to provide, in accordance with the law, study y China, financial assistance to the Chinesse citizens wishing to study in China in order to develop the educational, scientific and the economic and trade cooperation between China and other countries.
Contenido del programa:Depend of the course.
¿Requiere aval de Segeplan?No
Tips Segeplan:
# Requisito Observaciones Ref.
1Carta de recomendación2 letters of recommendation by two professors
2Certificado de notasOriginal or notarized transcripts of all undergraduate courses,
3Edad límiteBachelor’s degree in geology, chemistry or biology, and under the age of 35
4Elaboración de ensayoA study or research plan (no less than 800 words) in Chinese or in English.
5Fotografía reciente tamaño pasaportePhotocopy of valid passport
6OtrosThe catalogs and abstracts of published academic papers.
The Application Form for International Students wishing to Study at Tongji University.

Doctorate candidates

Besides all the application, materials needed are the same as that of the Masters’, and;
Master’s degree in geology, chemistry or biology, and under the age of 40;
1-2 academic dissertations, articles or outlines of dissertation
7Título universitarioBachelor’s Diploma (notarized photocopy),
# Beneficio Cobertura Observaciones
1Beca parcialParcialWaiver of fees on registration, tuition, laboratory experiment, internship, basic learning materials and accommodations;
Criteria of living allowance (Master: 1700RMB/Mon; Doctor: 2000RMB/Mon, respectively). New students will get a one-off settlement subsidy upon arrival in China. CNY 1,500 Yuan for a new student who will study in China for one academic year or more.
Waiver of fees for outpatient medical service, comprehensive medical Insurance and Benefit Plan for international students in China;
Note: For details, please consult Chinese Government Scholarship Council Webpage at
Contenido temático
Sectores:Medio ambiente, Salud y asistencia social
Temas:Ciencias de la salud, Medio ambiente y recursos naturales, Postgrado diferentes áreas
Idiomas:Esta fuente no limita idioma
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